Loving Your Neighbor...

...is probably one of the hardest things to do. Especially if your neighbors are fond of making so much noise up to 12 midnight, belching out their vocal chords in their loud videokes, throwing their garbage in front of your porch, or simply parking their vehicles in front of your gate thus blocking your driveway. Especially if your neighbors are fond of staring at you whenever you go out of your doorstep, as if scrutinizing your looks and your actions. Especially if their kids are fond of tinkering with your stuff, whether these stuff are just being dried under the sun, or they are garbage waiting to be picked up by the garbage truck man. Well, I am talking about my neighbors, and they just drive me nuts!

According to our CLP speaker, loving our neighbors is one of our Christian responsibilities. As we are all one, how we perceive and how we treat them would be doing the same to Jesus Christ. Before, it was very easy to react negatively. I would easily curse and swear, and come up with scenarios in my head where I would be my b*tchiest self and tell them to leave my damn porch, driveway and garbage alone. But now, I always have to remind myself to extend my patience and divert my attention elsewhere. If I can spread the love, then it would be much better.

But at this very moment, when I can still feel the pounding of the floor caused by the bass vibrations of their sound system, I just can't help but blog about it and type away the angst.


Among many other things that I like about attending the Christian Life Program is that it always keeps my feet on the ground. It helps to be reminded that in the matters of Christianity, I have tons more to learn, unlearn and re-learn.

I need to learn to have more faith. To pray faithfully, not just whenever I remember or feel like doing it. To study more about Jesus by reading the Bible and reading spiritual books. To make tithing a regular and wholehearted habit.

I need to unlearn my UP "activist" orientation. To let go of worldly angst and my being always at the complaining end. To let go of my pride. To let go of wanting to be always in control of everything. Because whatever that is happening in my life right now is because of God's master plan. And that I am merely a passerby, an instrument of His great work.

I need to re-learn how to take pleasure in fulfilling my Christian responsibilities. As a wife, mother, and worker. I need to re-learn the virtue of patience, forgiveness, and compassion.

It has been ten weeks since my hubby and I started with the CLP. And major things have happened. I may say it wasn't a smooth sail, but I know that it is for His glory. Opportunities are coming in like I have never imagined. I have never been this happy, so I am very excited about what lies ahead. I trust that it is going to be greater than ever!