Just Reminiscing

I stumbled upon my old motime blog today and I felt compelled to read posts dated between second and third quarters of 2004. I just find it funny realizing how arrogant I was.

Back then it was so easy for me to see things negatively and it was "relieving" to express my negative thoughts and emotions in many creative ways. And now here I am wanting to evolve into a bigger person finding it difficult to write from a positive enlightened perspective.

How is it possible that it is always easier to complain, than to praise? That it is always easier to criticize other people and events and play as victims of circumstance than to admit one's shortcomings? And that it is always easier to make excuses and point a finger towards someone else?

And whoever said that simply wanting to be a true Christian is one heck of a journey? See, I'm on the verge of complaining again!

ugh. gotta go. will continue post later.